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WEEE Shred UK work with one of the UK’s leading collectors of empty inkjet cartridges, unused surplus cartridges and mobile phones. We pay highly competitive prices for these items and can provide a FREE collection when you reach 25 items or more. This is a great wait to raise money for your business or a local charity and help reduce the waste that goes to landfill.

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Cartridge Recycling

As one of the UK’s largest collectors of used printer cartridges, we will save you money on a commodity which might otherwise cost the environment dearly.

We firmly believe in protecting our environment from unnecessary waste.

More than 48 million inkjet cartridges were used in the United Kingdom during the year 2010. This consumption has steadily increased year-on-year, deepening the need for efficient and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling.

We will pay you for every printer cartridge and mobile phone from our published take back list that you recycle with us.

We also can pay for any unused surplus items which you can add into your collection or email us a list with attached photos to get a quote.

Recycling your used inkjet cartridges is beneficial to both you and the environment.

Firstly, up to 85-90% of the material used for cartridges is reusable. Recycling these products lessens the need for large-scale production of this important office and home equipment. Not only does this help contribute towards a reduction in carbon emissions; it also preserves the planet’s natural resources that are used in ink printer cartridge production.

Recycling these items also directly reduces the amount of non-perishable material that is added to our waste disposal.
With the continual build-up of non-biodegradable waste, landfill sites get bigger and more numerable. This is to the detriment of areas of natural beauty and a great deal of this non-biodegradable material causes direct ground pollution. Incineration of these materials may produce further pollution, in the form of potentially harmful gas emissions.

Contact us today to find out how our easy 3 step process can save you time and earn you money or alternatively click on the logo to be directed to this FREE scheme.

Empty Cartridge Sales

We are one of the UK’s leading collectors of empty inkjet cartridges. We currently have high volumes of quality inkjets which we have ready to sell. All items are visually inspected and electronically tested for any failures. Please contact us if you are looking to purchase empty cartridges in high volumes.

Surplus Unused Cartridges

We pay competitive prices for unused surplus cartridges – these can be Large lasers or small inkjets. We are able to make FREE collections and quote on any volume of surplus cartridges. We grade the items depending on condition and this is reflected in the price paid. Contact us now with a list and photos to receive a quote.

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